Artisan 2.0

Woodworker | Event | Photographer


From a unique serie of themed Electric Guitars to a collection of Recycled Instruments. Take a look at my creations and what’s on my bench now.


From Live Music, Extreme Sports as well as Journalism, I love my work to be as improvised as possible. However I also enjoy capturing Portraits & Artistry.


From Photo Prints, Magazine and upcoming Book, to handmade Guitar Picks, Knives, Furniture or Recycled Art, take a look at the available creations for sale.


Guitar sound tests, Creation demo, Photoshoot backstage, Reviews, DIY advices and soon to come Videos for the few curious humans left down here on Earth.

Gurvan Custom

Wood & Light

Gurvan custom is a thoughtful mixture of Wood & Light. ............................... Its Mission is to create Tools, Goods and Services that bring surprise and delight to the all the senses. My Woodworking is curvy, soft like skin, with a smell of lemon or chocolate at times. My photographic eye allows me to crystallize other people's lifestyle, creations and beauty in order to inspire and elevate those in front and beyond the lens.

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  • photography

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Jeremie Gurvan

Maker | Explorer | Reporter
Jeremie Gurvan Freelance Artisan 2.0 : Maker, Explorer and Reporter

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