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From a unique serie of themed Electric Guitars to a collection of Recycled Instruments. Take a look at my creations and what’s on my bench now.


From Live Music, Extreme Sports as well as Journalism, I love my work to be as improvised as possible. However I also enjoy capturing Portraits & Artistry.


From Photo Prints, Magazine and upcoming Book, to handmade Guitar Picks, Knives, Furniture or Recycled Art, take a look at the available creations for sale.


Guitar sound tests, Creation demo, Photoshoot backstage, Reviews, DIY advices and soon to come Videos for the few curious humans left down here on Earth.

Why ?

Story & Philosophy

Born explorer who grew up between France & Africa, I've encountered so much inspirational moments in my young life that I grew to become this -one of a kind- Artisan 2.0. From African tribes in remote places to business men in 5 stars hotels, the array of talent, tenacity and passion I've seen just kept inspiring me. My love for Woodworking came from all those amazingly skilled African Artisans I've met, later on used for making my own skatepark then electric guitar, it grew out of the need to make what I couldn't afford. Later on, Photography came as a need to just immortalize my friends, concerts with my band and snowboarding but when it really took off was when I stepped alone onto Canadian soil, immigrating as a fresh graduate. Without a doubt, I am a visual, and so speak my work, but thanks to a rich life, I've got much to share on many levels and so my guitars will please your ears and touch, so will my writings inspire you to action ! At least, that is my mission !

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Jeremie Gurvan

Maker | Explorer | Reporter
Jeremie Gurvan Freelance Artisan 2.0 : Maker, Explorer and Reporter

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