The Creatures | Electric Guitar

The Creature. Model I by Gurvan I.1 Fire’s Creature: (Personal Prototype, France 2006) – Two piece Mahogany Body, Mahogany neck, Zebrano fingerboard, Dyed Flamed Maple Top 1/3 finish, Semi-hollow body and side neck w/ Red Led illumination – Classic 24.562″ scale length, Wilkinson ToM Bridge, Wilkinson Tuners, Teflon Nut, Neutrik lock Jack, Invisible Strap-Loks – Acid Burnt Brass finished NailBomb Humbucker by Bare Knuckle – Double[…]

The Wizards | Electric Guitar

The Wizard. Model II by Gurvan II.1 Wizard of Water: (Sold to Ilan, Noumea, NC 2013) – One piece Mahogany Body, Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Flamed Maple Top Lemon Oil finish, Wenge Middle Strip – Classic 24.562″ scale length, Wrap Schaller Bridge, Steinberger 1:40 ratio Tuners, Teflon Nut, Brass Saddles, Invisible Strap-Loks – Burnt Chrome finished Rif Raf[…]

The Sk8ter | Electric Bass

The Sk8ter. Model R by Gurvan R.1 No Damn Good Sk8ter: (Prototype, Canada 2015) – Complete Recycled Skateboards Body and Neck – Top Board Limited Edition by No Damn Good Skatepark in Montreal – Bottom Board by Cliche Skateboards – 12 frets and fretless end of neck – Humbucker double rails pickup on a single format size This unique[…]

Le TAZ | Skate Ramps

Le TAZ Skatepark, Montreal, Qc Ramp building & Site Photography (opening in Spring 2009) After daring to walk into the site for a spontaneous Interview of Dan Vezina, the designer of countless XGames courses and massive Skatepark around the world ! After 20 minutes of a personal tour and questions I ended the meeting by a[…]