The Creature | Electric Guitar

The Creature. Model I by Gurvan I.1 Fire’s Creature: (Personal Prototype, France 2006) – Two piece Mahogany Body, Mahogany neck, Zebrano fingerboard, Dyed Flamed Maple Top 1/3 finish, Semi-hollow body and side neck w/ Red Led illumination – Classic 24.562″ scale length, Wilkinson ToM Bridge, Wilkinson Tuners, Teflon Nut, Neutrik lock Jack, Invisible Strap-Loks – Acid Burnt Brass finished NailBomb Humbucker by Bare Knuckle – Double[…]

The Wizard | Electric Guitar

The Wizard. Model II by Gurvan II.1 Water’s Wizard: (Sold to Ilan, Noumea, NC 2013) – One piece Mahogany Body, Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard, Flamed Maple Top Lemon Oil finish, Wenge Middle Strip – Classic 24.562″ scale length, Wrap Schaller Bridge, Steinberger 1:40 ratio Tuners, Teflon Nut, Brass Saddles, Invisible Strap-Loks – Burnt Chrome finished Rif Raf Humbucker[…]

The Sk8ter | Electric Bass

The Sk8ter. Model R by Gurvan R.1 No Damn Good Sk8ter: (Prototype, Canada 2015) – Complete Recycled Skateboards Body and Neck – Top Board Limited Edition by No Damn Good Skatepark in Montreal – Bottom Board by Cliche Skateboards – 12 frets and fretless end of neck – Humbucker double rails pickup on a single format size This unique[…]

The Skeels | Skate Shoes

The Skeels. Custom Shoes made of Recycled Skateboards Created first for an exhibition of Recycled Art in Montreal, those shoes are Custom made for your lady. Using broken skateboards, old wheels and bicycle tires those shoes can be drawn, made and shipped in under 48 hours. If you’re interested to get your own pair just[…]

Le TAZ | Skate Ramps

Le TAZ Skatepark, Montreal, Qc Ramp building & Site Photography (opening in Spring 2009) After daring to walk into the site for a spontaneous Interview of Dan Vezina, the designer of countless XGames courses and massive Skatepark around the world ! After 20 minutes of a personal tour and questions I ended the meeting by a[…]