Light Tech. – Eclairagiste

Due to my love of electron harnessing aka photography as well as my curiosity paired with good pair of balls, I’ve had the chance to work as a Light Technician in a state-of-the-art Nightclub in the Canadian Rockies, a club owned by no less than Shambhala Music Festival, the biggest Electro Music Festival in Canada with[…]

360° Panoramic Photography – Virtual Tours

Mostly used for Real Estate, the Virtual Tours are great tools to showcase an event, sport center or any touristic or commercial asset. Using a FishEye lens, special tripod and dedicated software, the 360° Pictures are interesting to look at and allow a full visualization of a room in one file. Previously displaying the dynamic[…]

Teacher – Educateur

As a new Canadian Permanent Resident the first job I got as a freelancer, the City of Montreal hired me as a Photo & Graphic Design Teacher for a teens’ summer camp, a great honor I gotta say! And as the winter came I began to teach Snowboarding at Mont-Avila, Saint-Sauveur and Ski Chantecler, teaching kids[…]