Light Tech. – Eclairagiste

Due to my love of electron harnessing aka photography as well as my curiosity paired with good pair of balls, I’ve had the chance to work as a Light Technician in a state-of-the-art Nightclub in the Canadian Rockies, a club owned by no less than Shambhala Music Festival, the biggest Electro Music Festival in Canada with 19 years of existence !

Has I was working in the club doing the finishing of woodworking, I dared to try out the light system for fun… a complex setup using two separate computer and dedicated touch screens… after much head scratching but a lot of will, I created using the 100+ lights, full on consistent Moods (Fire, Water, Forest, Royal, Cave, Firefox…) which got me hired ..! This led me to learn the software for the Led ceiling “Madrix”, the two for the Room and all dynamic fixtures “LightJockey” and “LedTrix” as well as the one for VideoMapping and VJing “Resolume”. Later on I’ve had the task of teaching the system and software to three other nightworker..!

Needless to say this was an honor and a lot of full, what even better is all the greetings I’ve received from actual pros of the music and festival industry, as well as musicians themselves and of course the crowd too!

It’s a little hard to show the amount of work I’ve done, here are a few shots of the room, I will put videos soon as well, stay tuned :