Annabelle @ Annecy, Haute-Savoie

The summer in the French Alps is a delight ! The Sun was warming the fresh valleys and waterfalls were sometimes sprinkling on the windshield as I drove on beautiful mountain roads hanging on the side of rock faces here or on the top of green pastures where I could hear the bells of dozens of happy grazing cows. It was Sunday and I had no better plan than to go for roadtrip, so I went on to see Annecy, one of France’s most expensive city. Driving by a majestic Cinderella like castle on the high hills overlooking the Lake, I could see the beautiful city afar, kissing the water, sparkling like fireworks.
For my first day in Annecy I had planned to meet with Annabelle, a smart and beautiful teenager studying Ski and Litterature in town.
It was very crowded by the lake and it took a while to find a place to park. Finally, after a few texts, we met in front of the Imperial Palace, a 4 stars Hotel with Casino and fancy restaurant within a wooden parc and just by the Lake.
We went on to walk through the gardens, getting to know each other, sharing about our photoshoot experiences. She had stopped photography for a while because of some old rude and arrogant studio photographers, so she enjoyed my way of shooting; easy going, friendly, yet, paparazzi like at times.

Being a wannabe Pro Skier, Annabelle told me that she tried to become a model for a Ski clothing company, however turned off by her age and size.
Clothes are made for every ages and every sizes, so why not her…?! And what a cutie !
We slowly made our way by the lake shore, to finally walk across the “Lover’s Bridge”.

The lowering sun was turning gold, the memory card was full, we sat on a bench watching the sunsetting on the Lake. She was pleased with the pictures and so I was with our afternoon, I will surely come back to this beautiful city !