Rosee @ Nelson, British-Columbia

I’ve met Rosee around town and at Shambhala several times, where she often worked at the Grove stage with Byron & Company. A few days before the shoot I saw her working at a local coffee shop where you can find amazing books from floor to ceiling and collector vinyl records too for just a couple bucks.
I’ve always been charmed by her cute smile and even more by her light and smooth voice. When the same day my friend and mentor CopperChris told me about an idea of his to create Art Nouveau style artwork with flowers and ladies for the nightclub we were working at, I immediately though of her.

A couple days later we were at the Health Collective, Julie’s office and coop, where we went on to shoot something in the tones of Art Nouveau style, the all idea here was to use those shots to vectorize them into artwork for the club.

We’ve done a few samples, and I really like them, but still, to this day, Rosee hasn’t appeared ‘yet’ on Bloom Nightclub’s walls… But here are the shots :