Fill’Good Festival @ Fillinges, Haute-Savoie

It was a lazy morning and I had no plan for my day. The buzzing sound of the coffee machine was waking me up a bit more, while I power on my laptop. The small cup was already empty by the time I had done my usual social media/email tour and I started to wonder what the hell my day was gonna be about…
I remembered a cool website that I found one day called L’Officiel where you can see all the current events around. After scrolling like a mad man through the countless exhibitions and weird things going on, I saw a flashy yellow poster with “Fill’Good” on it… The name alone catched my curiosity and as I read : Art expo, slackline, Dub, skate demo, electro swing… what? Chinese man record..!
I knew I had to go ! I reached for the photo bag and put the batteries on charge right away, I called a friend to tell him about and was then setting my day for it.

It took nearly two hours of a roadtrip through the Alps to get to the event that was barely starting on a nice summer afternoon. The all thing was free, yet the association in charge of it knew how to make money, just selling booze and food would be enough to pay for it all. And so we did, we bought a bunch of tickets for the stands and went on to go around the nicely wooden parc with the painters, photobooth, permaculture, jewelery makers and other artisans were set up.
On the back was installed a lot of slacklines of all lenghts and heights, while a impro class was going on with whoever wanted to join the fun.

This was a perfect summer afternoon, the food was great, the beer fresh and bubbly, and the skateboard demo was finally starting. To my surprise, this small town had an amazing concrete bowl, something I’m used to see in Canada but which is way more rare in France. The view was stunning and the crowd very chill and family friendly. The level was good and it was nice to shoot some sport again!

As the golden hour arrived, a duo of Dub makers started the show, they had a great sound and the drummer was playing live which is always good for electro music.

The second show was by two Djs of the Chinese Man Records, an internationally known Hip-Hop collective from France, I was amazed to hear those guys live ! They even finished the show with Killing in the Name by Rage Against the Machine, wow! What a way to warm up the crowd !!

And so for the final act was a band I was eager to ear since I love electro swing. Gypsy Sound System Orkestra was a powerful mix of it all: electro, swing, gypsy, dub and even hip-hop, all mixed up in an unusual but very entertaining show ! The crowd was bouncing, dancing and even kids were still playing around !

Amazed by it all and now a little bit soar of all the dancing, the night was long and my day pretty darn good !

Well done Fill’Good !!