Woodworker – Menuisier

Wood is my favorite medium to express my creative ideas.
I love to trees to beautiful, smooth and useful objects that can be appreciated for generations.

I started at 10 years old to use scrape wood to build skateboard ramps, then a full on skatepark at age 13 and was then hired at age 21 to help build the biggest skatepark in Canada: Le Taz in Montreal !
When I started playing electric guitar at age 16 I didn’t expect that by age 18 I’d be playing live shows with my own custom designed and hand made guitar, yet, a book and many hours of research later I just happened to make it happen !

As a Certified Wood Building Conceptor (BTS SCBH, Academy of Creteil, Fr) and Trained Log Home Builder (Harkins, Qc), I’ve also learned to “hardcore” technical and theories behind Wood uses.

Later on, hired as a Cabinet maker/installer (Creations Art&Bois, Qc), Event Decor Builder (Prisme3, MTL & ArtEvent, Fr) and several times, Fine Woodworker (Le Taz & SpinWorks, MTL / Chalets Grosset-Janin, Fr), I’ve also learned the skills and tricks of shop and site Woodworking.

All those mixed together, you still haven’t “10’000 hours” of skills, but you’ve got a very broad, passionate and pro-active Artisan to work with.

For your one-of-a-kind Wood needs, please contact me !!

NOTE: Very little sample displayed: Most of my work was done for companies/brands and photography of this work was forbidden. However more details on those projects are available on demand.