Drone Pilot – Aerial Imagery

After 9 years of professional photography I have now opted for the new big thing: Drone footage.
Using a top of the line, slim, fast and really sharp drone, I can quickly create for you, aerial photography, cinematic videos, Surveying Maps and 3D Maps as well !

Being still in the beginning of my practice, I will surely move on to bigger projects, faster timelines and mind blowing resolution with each gig coming my way. Still, as of today, be sure to be amazed by the speed, efficiency and revolutionary angles that my drone will get for you.

Here are some examples of my work over this past month:

Next are stills from the 3D Maps, 2D Maps, Elevation Maps and “Plant Health” Map:
Down under you will find some 3D Maps with which you can zoom and spin around like a video game ! Those are going to be the next standard for Virtual Reality, Real Estate, Surveying… Have a look!

Check the 3D Maps below: