My Vision | Electric Guitars

I would love to create my humble and unusual vision of a serie of Guitars.
Which is, to make a collection of 49 uniques guitars & basses, 7 Characters from 7 ‘Elements’

The Seven ‘Characters’: The Creatures, The Wizards, The Knight, … , … , … , … .
are the different body shapes, the rest is unique.

The Seven ‘Elements’: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Aether, Wood, Metal.
are the different models / finish / voice, given to a ‘Character’.

Like a Card Game of 7 colors and 7 hands, and like a Tarot game, each card will have a specific ‘meaning’.

To reach this goal I have had the help of

Sold to date:

#01/49 Aether’s Wizard
For the great business women Gillette A. from Noumea who ordered the official First as a gift to Ilan.

#02/49 Wood’s Wizard
For Art U. in Vancouver.

On the bench and available:

#03/49 Water’s Creature
Flamed Maple blue dyed, Mahogany body & neck, Ebony fretless 6 string, Bareknuckle uk Warpig, blue leds

#04/49 Earth’s Creature
Mahogany and Flamed Maple 5 ply neck thru, Carved by talented Charlie Sivell (Nelson figure), 6 string multi scale baritone bass, ‘Instrumental’ Custom usa pickups

#05/49 Metal’s Creature
Full Mahogany Bass, Tin/Copper/Brass Metalwork… to be defined.

#06/49 Wood’s Knight
…to be defined…

#07/49 … ?