SkiiTour | 01

So… I wish I came across Casey Neistat earlier… however, now that I do and after watching tons of his work, I’ve grown so much inspired by his process that it really pushed me to try a Vlog video.
The “idea” of a Vlog is to create a daily report of the highlight of the day or whatever is your daily subject.

I’ve got almost 8 years of misc. photo and video footage from my adventures across Canada and never found the inspiration of how to use it, share it, compile it.
Casey, with his series of daily Vlog really push the quality and quantity that can be done in a day, and still living a very active parenting life (!). That definitely screams “Organizing skills”, something I can never have enough of…
So, by giving each day a main focus, it pushes me to share on a passion, event or concern, showing today’s footage as well as previous work that can finally come to life!

My beginnings might seem odd, quirky or narcissist, but all that matters for me is the process of creation, and this will be without a doubt an interesting and educational experience for myself.

Hope you enjoy :