Whitewater | 02

Yes! So my strategy was not to sleep as I work until 2 am at the club, so at 8:30 I headed up the hill towards my first day of the season at the ski resort !
Nice blue ski for the first couple of hours then a bit hazy but an awesome day, snow tip top and sore knee as a trophee.

I really enjoy the idea of a Vlog, that gives me an interesting though process about my day, really glad to try this out. ( Vlog #1 here )
Today’s content may not be super interesting to the locals -who came babies with skis included- but for my French friends and else, who don’t go to the mountains much…
Anyhow, this has been one of my blocage to under estimate my doings and therefore, not sharing anything. But with a Vlog, what matter is : personal, genuine, finished and uploaded.
My work isn’t perfect, I’m surely not perfect, f*ck it, just be real!

Here it is: