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Jeremie Gurvan:

Artisan 2.0 ? What do you mean ?
Using the best technologies I can, I create technical and artistic projects. From alternative buildings to electric guitars, real estate photography or Light/Sound Experiences, my wide array of Skills allows for some very creative and reactive partnerships with various industries.

My story:

Coming from a technical background (Civil Engineering Technician & Wood Structures Conceptor) I moved from France to Canada after University to learn the beautiful Art of Log Homes making. Loving the Northern area of Montreal right away, I then stayed for 5 years in the Laurentides, a beautiful ski-resorts filled area only an hour away from Montreal.

There I kept working in wood: Theater/tv/corpo sets, cabinet making and renovations, then as Photography on the side grew bigger, I jumped into freelancing in June 2008.

Starting as an Event Photographer for nightclubs, music venues and sport centers, my wood skills were still very alive when I walked on the site of the upcoming bigger Skatepark in Canada, Le TAZ, Montreal.

Looking at first to shoot a little documentary footage, I ended up meeting Dan Vezina, designer of XGames courses and famous skateparks worlwide, as I explained my passion for skateboard and how much I relate (built my own skatepark at 13), he was willing to hire me as a freelance to help his team (Spinworks) to finish the Park for the coming opening 4 months ahead. There started an awesome journey for me as a woodworker / photographer / painter and advertisement freelancer in this vibrant Montreal Scene.

Over the years the projects became wider range and fun, bringing me across Quebec on snowmobiles, in helicopters, on a bicycle or on the back of a horse. People and businesses started to appreciate my wide array of skills, bringing a unique viewpoint on problem solving in one-package, this helped me grow as a better well-rounded artist playing with Wood & Light mostly.

In 2012 I decided to go visit British-Columbia aboard my 40′ long School Bus, to see those beautiful mountains for myself. I landed in Big White Ski Resort were I worked at a Snowpark Ranger and Photographer for the winter, while taking care of a Ranch in the nearby Kelowna up until Summer.
In 2013 I finally landed in Nelson and fell in love with its red bridge and beautiful lake. Sadly, Photography business took a hit since I’ve been on the road, and after a life-changing femur brake, my adventure photographer lifestyle definitely went down.

This is why in the Fall of 2013, it took me all my strength and guts to start a new business with the help of Community Futures, in Nelson Bc, there ” Gurvan Custom ” was “re”born.

Back from a femur operation were I got a brand new titanium piece of leg, I got a request for making a custom-made electric guitar when I’d be “ready”. This gave me so much drive that it shaped every moment of my life since. Indeed, I had made my first complete electric guitar in 2005 and made since a beautiful working prototype called the “Fire’s Creature” but never had the chance to make another one since I moved to Canada in 2007 !
There I was, motivated and paid to get back at it !

Well, since Gurvan Custom opened doors in downtown Nelson, I’ve been lucky to create 4 new custom and unique guitars : #1 Aether’s Wizard, #2 Wood’s Wizard, #3 RT’s BurlIb, #4 Army RR, but also made some cigarbox mandolin, skateboard bass, upgraded guitars, repaired acoustic ones, created business signs, furniture, decors, knives and more..!

I am now back in France for a little while to spend time with my family and am already getting ready for my next move… New Zealand, very shortly !

Thanks for reading, and please come back soon to see the updates !


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