Photo Lab | Pricing


For my pictures I use different Top-of-the-Line Photo Labs around the World, depending on the product you order, quantity and your location, which improved delivery time and lower shipping/customs costs, while getting “locals” to work.

The major Lab I use is WhiteWall.
They make amazing products, deliver fast and are dedicated to photography, also they ship in many, many countries.

For One-of-a-kind Business Cards and stickers with many designs options I use Moo!.
I’ve made my business cards with them for many years, thanks to the mind blowing quality and especially the ability to have over 40+ different designs on each 40+ cards!

For beautiful Books, I use Blurb.
They have allow me to make the best use of my photo-reportage shoots and create amazing magazines

Please, go have a look at their website, they are amazing businesses and will surely inspire you for some gift ideas !

||| PRICING |||

As you can see for yourself on my Labs’ websites above, great products are not cheap !
From amazing medium (stainless metals, perfect papers, thick canvas…), to vibrant, uv resistant inks and also Shipping safely those goodies…

Added to this, are then the actual price for my Art and Work, which is always a fine line between fair prices and making a living.
I have not been in a career all my life, I am an explorer, a creator, a tinkerer.
By this, I mean that my Work as always been made in a small, prototype-like, experimental kind of way…
Which, to me, is my way of been an Artist, one who, still to this day, search for the perfect medium and format to express fully this urge of Creation.

Therefore, my friend, my work is priced like Art. In a non-linear, not-so-rational kind of way. My name might not be known much but I cannot sell myself short, nor can I follow time, or resources based prices as they make no sense in this time of work.

That being said, I thank you, from the depth of my Soul, for taking the time to read and considering holding a piece of my Life’s Work with you, or as a Gift.

Thank you for your Support !