Custom Shop

It is my biggest Joy in Life to be able to work in my Workshop, crafting a unique piece for a special someone !

Custom Orders are simple:
1. Contact me on Facebook Here, or send me an Email with your request.
2. We agree on all the specifications of the Product, and have a final Approved Draft.
3. We sign a Sale Agreement, defining the Product’s Final Price Delays and Shipping.
4. You deposit 50% of the Product’s Price, through Bank Transfer, Paypal or Cash.
5. … I get to Work !
6. Complete payment is done, on Final review of the finished product, ready to Ship.
7. You receive and enjoy your Gurvan’s Custom Jewel ! 🙂

I can create for you, many, many different types of items, out of Wood, Metal and Composites, in fact, I am proud to have been asked, around the World, to create new products, to innovate, to help and also to push myself.

Here’s a list of some odd projects I’ve been commissioned to do:
Design and Build a giant Pepsi Ruler for a Bmx Contest, Paint a massive DC Shoes’ new logo in a Skatepark, Design and Make a unique Microphone for a Musician, Build concrete forms for an outdoor SkatePlaza, Create a big Eiffel Tower for a French market, Create an unusual staircase handrail, Design and Publish a Commercial Booklet for Montreal City, Teaching Creativity to Kids of a Summer Camp, Make a Mandolin out of a CigarBox, Carve a Wooden SexToy for a kinky lady, Create a VideoMapping of a Rock Wall and Program Light Mood, Live Actions in a Top-of-the-line NightClub, Create an intern Magazine for a Ski Resort, Create a 3D Mapping of a Land for Surveying…

All of which, I’ve never be trained for, nor did I advertised to do.
Yet, here is one of my Strength, people, companies and even city councils have acknowledge my willingness to Help and to Create no matter what. They have trusted me to come up with solutions, and I was there to find them !


Being a traveler all my life, I’ve the chance to see many Workshop, but also suffered the lack of one for long periods of time.
Luckily, thanks to some of you who appreciate my work and commissioned products over the years, I have been able to recreate times and times again a little, humble Shop for just the right needs of the moment.

However, the words are not strong enough to tell how impatient I am to settle down and have a permanent WorkShop to create from ! There I can already see my creativity and productivity sky rocket !

So please, consider that for every Custom made item I will be making for you, not only, will we make your dreams come true, but will work our way toward a beautiful Life Goal’s Dream too.