Here are a some testimonials from happy customers and hosts:

Jérémie is a top helpXer and I warmly recommend him to any host. Multi talented, reliable, kind and smart. It’s been a pleasure to have him around and he’s been of great help in whatever task he undertook. His skills with photography were really much appreciated, as well as all the help he gave in the garden. Thank you Jérémie, very best wishes!
By Jean-Francois from Space Between, Abel Tasman, NZ

Jérémie is a multi talented and very able worker.
His interests combined with a strong work ethic make him a sure in for any helpX host.
He is very quick to devise a plan and then action it to deliver an amazing result.
By Addam from Waiwera, NZ

Jérémie came to us to help us with our deck!! Unfortunately we didn’t get it finished as the wood was so wet but Jérémie had great ideas, was always willing and had very interesting conversation. We definitely recommend him! Good luck with your travels!! The boys miss you. All the best 🙂
By Erin & Daniel from DL Design, Raglan, NZ

Jérémie is an amazingly multi-talented person. In only a few days he totally transformed our place into a very yummie-looking environment that feels much more homely now 🙂 Jérémie arrived at a perfect time,we needed an energy boost and some creative ideas. He’s an amazing guy – works away in quiet but fast pace! I cannot praise him enough, he has great gifts and talents, especially his photography is worthwhile looking at, great cooking skills too and re-arranged things around in such a way that it looks very welcoming – in other words he would make a perfect life-partner/husband for someone one day!
By Dewi from Levin, NZ

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Jérémie is such an inspiration, lovely welcoming guy. awesome friend. and I love the bus 🙂
By Jocelyn from Nelson, BC

Jérémie has some amazing skills and talents. He can turn everything into something better and more unique than it was before. As far as his bus is concerned, you really need to see it to believe it! His ideas seem to flow like water from a bottomless spring.
By Cory & Alex from Corner Brook, NF

It was awesome meeting this creative guy ! And what an adventure to get to Slocan, where his great bus was parked! I enjoyed staying in this remote and beautiful area and for sure in your special bus:) it was a pleasure making music with you and having inspiring conversations, thank you so much.
By Josepha from Muenster, Germany

Jérémie is an insanely awesome individual. Very accommodating and will show you his life work, and has perhaps the coolest and most unique home I have seen in my travels thus far.
By Aaron from Vancouver, BC

Maxime and I stayed in his bus for 3 nights. Jérémie is a big inspiration for recycling things. He creates his own electric guitars, shoes and belts from car tires. Besides that he is also a supernice host! We felt so comfortable cooking and hanging around. Thanks again!
By Jozy from Marahau, NZ

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